The National Post Proposal was satarized on numerous comedy shows. Unfortunately, we were only able to obtain two examples, one from CBC's Royal Canadian Air Farce and the other from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Royal Canadian Air Farce
This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Update Tuesday March 26, 2002

- Apparently our story has been carried in places as diverse as Lithuania to China - if you can send us the link or paper that featured the story outside of Canada, that would be great!

Update Monday March 25, 2002

- We have received requests from the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, Asia, and just about everywhere else to post the original ad, click here to see the proposal (PDF).
- Many people have asked for the answer to the skill testing question. Sorry, this will have to remain a mystery!
- We will try where possible to reply to your emails personally.

Update Saturday March 23, 2002

First & foremost, Julie and I would like to thank the thousands of people who have been so kind to us in sharing their words of support and well wishes. The sheer magnititue of emails we have received has been unexpected and overwhelming - in a postive way ;-) When I set about to surprise Julie, I could not have imagined that so many wonderful people, compeletely unknown to us, would have been so keenly interested in our engagement - it touched us both. We will try to get around to answering your emails and posting some answers to commonly asked questions shortly.

Friday March 22, 2002

9:55AM: .... no answer yet, stay posted....

10:30AM: .... she went to the gym, has not read the paper, will there be any papers left in time....

11:10AM: .... 21,000 visited the site, but still no word....

12:15PM: .... have been told she is on her way over to see me...why is she taking so long! ....

12:40PM: .... she is pulling up in my driveway....

1:30PM: she said YES! was stopped for speeding on her way to see me, hence delay.
successfully answered skill testing question. She is now my fiancee!

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